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Smart Tech

About Us

Hello and welcome to Smarttechnologies!



Who are we?

We are a group of young and independent geeks who are obsessed with drones, aerial photography, film-making and technology products. Our team loves testing the newest tools on the market and give our personal recommendation. We also like helping people to find the best products for their needs.

How everything started?

Everything started like a joke. Just a grope of friends who were captivated be the same idea, which is to ease the society whit the right choice of product.


Why we decided to do this?

There are so many people with different professions, activities or hobbies. Some of them are starting now, other want to be better. No matter what the case is, we would like to help them all. The market is floated with so many products and information and that could be confusing. Our mission is to direct people to the right products. Products which are selected by us and products we guarantee the quality. Also, we want to help the ordinary person who just likes the aircrafts simply like us and wants the best tools for him.


What can you find here?

Our company is made only in favor of the client and his needs. For the people interested in drones like us, this is paradise. There they can familiarize themselves with all the gadgets, tools and devices which they have seen only in movies not so long ago. All these things are real today and could be bought for a reasonable price in our store.

Thank you for your time!

Best wishes,